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Harnessing the power of alumni

Energy and engineering companies surely have one of the best staff retention rates of any sector. In the magazines we have produced for energy organisations, the long-service lists of employees with 30

10 ways to build a safety culture

Ask any CEO for his or her number one business priority and the answer will be the same: safety. But in practice, how well are business leaders driving behavioural changes so that employees also put safety first?

All eyes on safety

The Comprehensive Spending Review has been no one's friend. It has concluded, quite comprehensively, that spending is a no-no right now.

A message to P Diddy

P Diddy once said it's all about the Benjamins. For those unfamiliar with street slang, he was referring to the $100 bill, so named for featuring the face of politician Benjamin Franklin. For bling king Diddy, it possibly really is all about the money. You can bet he doesn't have a CSR programme for his staff.

It's not too late to discover the joy of 6

In order to save a few pennies (OK, millions), the BBC is shutting down digital radio station 6 Music, the home of new and alternative music. But what does this mean for the millions (OK, tens of thousands) of listeners?


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Rob has 13 years’ experience as a content expert in the energy, resources and utilities sectors. He has delivered integrated communications for clients including Centrica, ExxonMobil, EDF, Anglo American and Thames Water.


An award-winning writer, Rob translates complex engineering processes into clear, engaging copy that resonates with different audiences. He produces content on broad challenges across the industry, from preserving energy in UK homes to exploring for resources in hostile arctic environments.