Keeping the lights on

Editorial Director

Many of Britain’s power stations are set to close within the decade, leaving an ‘energy gap’ that has to be filled. The question is, how?

A new website written by content marketing agency Redhouse Lane for EDF Energy has the answers. “What’s particularly impressive is that the Brand team doesn’t try and push nuclear as the panacea,” says Richard Lomax, Redhouse Lane director.

“In fact it doesn’t favour any one energy source over another. Their approach is to set out the challenges we face and the pros and cons of each solution in a dispassionate manner, and let people draw their own conclusions. That’s a smart way to go, but would have been a tough sell internally with scientific colleagues who are passionate advocates of nuclear power.”

A Redhouse Lane content team spent nearly a year on site alongside EDF Energy colleagues, formulating the content strategy, talking to subject matter experts, writing more than 300 pages of content and scrupulously fact-checking every claim.

“This is a complex and contentious subject,” says Lomax. “We all want our energy to be clean, secure, affordable, plentiful and predictable, but there are trade-offs to be made to get the balance right. This site gives people the facts they need to make informed choices.”

See the results at http://www.edfenergy.com/energyfuture/

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