Arresting developments for City of London Police

Editorial Director

It's been quite a year for the City of London Police (COLP).

"One of the toughest years in its [the force's] history," is how Mike Bowron, the COLP commissioner, describes it.

To document the challenges and successes of 12 months policing one of the world's major cities, the COLP called on the services of Redhouse Lane to create its annual report.

"It was a challenging period for the COLP," says Georgina Severs, Senior Account Manager. "Yet despite adverse factors including the global financial crisis, it still produced some strong results. Indeed, the COLP delivered a reduction in crime for the seventh consecutive year.

"So the organisation needed an annual report that reflected the sheer depth of work carried out and achievements made over this period."

The finished product is a report that accurately reflects the drama, personalities and impact of one of the most memorable years in the force's history.

From the opening cover picture of a policeman composed entirely of COLP imagery, to the bright, bold statistics section at the back, it's a report that stands out from its contemporaries.

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