A bespoke design solution

Editorial Director

Russell Solutions is a new bespoke manufacturing service for leisure and workwear producer Russell Europe. To launch the service Redhouse Lane have produced an 80 page catalogue demonstrating the bespoke concept through a creative approach based on the line "Simply colour, simply change, simply design" and offering design inspiration to potential customers.

Produced in five different language versions, the catalogue features hero shots of all the key garments which were photographed in the Algarve using local people as models; simple graphics illustrate the ease of the process and some of the huge number of permutations of designs possible.

The catalogue is also designed to drive traffic to an interactive web site where customers can create and order their own designs on-line using simple templates and a choice of fabrics and colours. To promote the catalogue and the site, we have also created a range of direct marketing pieces as well as e-newsletters and promotional material which will be launched initially in France before being rolled out across Europe.

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